A Willful Surrender of Reason

Khalid Mahmood

Not long ago, the liberal and secular citizens of Pakistan were highly  infuriated by the deep state actors involvement in forced disapperances of those who used their right to dissent.

The ruling elites of PML (N) were lambasted for turning the blind eye towards the abduction and torture of innocent people. This time, a grotesque drama was staged at Faizabad intersection of Islamabad Rawalpindi, by a highly mechanized and well supplied outfit Tehreek Labbayak Yarasullah.

Apparently, it was staged to blackmail sitting government to show them an early exit from power. Unfortunately, police authorities action against this ugly sit in had badly failed.

The protesters were using a non issue alredy resolved in 1974 by declaring Qadiani sect out of Islam. After a botched attempt to remove these venom spewing clerics, their sympathisers started attacking politicians and individuals in various cities of Pakistan.

Ahsan Iqbal Federal Minister for Interrior was in a quandary to handle this law and order situation. He was reluctant to take action because he had been tipped for widespread retaliation of mullas against his party, throughout the country.

It is highly deplorable that the present government’s order to use army for action was denied. Instead a dubious deal has been brokered by the de facto powerhouse end this almost a month long standoff in national capital.(https://www.dawn.com/news/1373182/tly-chief-khadim-rizvi-orders-followers-to-end-sit-ins-across-country-after-govt-gives-in-to-demands)

The encroachment of political affairs, by the military elites in Pakistan is not a new phenomenon, but this abject surrender to an islamist outfit and as well as to Reason is matchless and deeply terrifying for common folks in general, and exclusively secular/liberal individuals and organizations along with minorities.

A stern  watch on use of radicalized religious outfits for gaining undemocratic control in political affairs by fellow humanist and human rights organizations is need of the hour for safety of minorities, non religious and secular citizens of Pakistan.

Liberty of citizens is deeply endangered, by the abuse of religion for power. The current wave of mayhem, is not openly deplored and protested by mainstream political parties, who are aspirant to grind their axe in next power dispensation in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, this countery is de facto divided between the powermongers and the doomed masses.



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